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About Xin Xuan (心萱)

Xin Xuan is a Chinese porn actress.

She is also known as: 心萱, Xinxuan

She has acted in many movies including:
- [ID-5381] Slutty Sister Unsatisfied Threesome Experience
- [ID-5289] The Knockout Hurricane 3
- [ID-5269] Spa Club Sex Experience
- [ID-5256] Escaped Fugitive Becomes Sex Slave
- [ID-5245] Actress First Experience Xinxuan
- [ID-5219] Adopted Female College Student Seducing Boss Male Driver
- [ID-5217] Female Secretary and Boss Private Secret Affair
- [ID-5204] Female Graduate Students Sexual Interest Survey
- [SAT-0096] Car Sex Trip in Muzha
- [SAT-0073] Valentines Date with Xin Xuan 2
- [SAT-0072] Valentines Date with Xin Xuan
- [JD-148] My Father In Law and I Are True Love
- [JD-139] Last Sex Before Doomsday
- [JD-138] Sick But Still Want Sex
- [JD-136] Conquer My Domineering Girlfriend
- [JD-134] Taking Back Qiuya Xin Xuan
- [XSJ-158] Wei Xiaobao Assassinates Of Obai