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About Xue Hui

Xue Hui is a Chinese porn actress.

She is also known as: 雪卉, XueHui.

She has acted in many movies including:
- [JD-004] Debt Repayment
- [JD-007] Sister's Love
- [JD-011] Legend of the Republic of China Porn
- [JD-017] Girl Went to Wife Bed
- [JD-018] Landlord and Tenant Sex
- [JD-025] Rebel and Student
- [JD-031] Cheating Wife
- [JD-033] Maiden of Demigods and Semidevils
- [JD-034] Sister for Surrogate Mother
- [JD-035] My Student Days
- [JD-036] Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre Sex
- [JD-038] Samsara Hotel